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Can I bring my kids to a UWA Elite show?

Yes! All UWA Elite live events are 100% family friendly.


Will UWA Elite assist in running fundraisers or causes for my organization?

UWA Elite can work with you to promote a fundraiser for ANY organization no matter how big or small. Pro Wrestling fundraisers are the easiest and most profitable way to help your group raise money!

Please Email for more information.


Does UWA Elite hold such events such as birthday bashes, special occasions, etc.?

UWA Elite would be honored to host your event, no matter how big or small! For more information on our

"UWA Elite Birthday Bashes" please click HERE.


I am a big UWA Elite fan! How is it possible to get their autographs, or meet them?

The UWA Elite stars are available for autographs and meet and greets during all live events. We put on shows all over the greater New Jersey area. All of our upcoming events and appearances can be found by clicking HERE.

I am big fan of UWA Elite, but I dont live in the greater New Jersey area. Is there still a way to get an autograph or picture of my favorite superstar?

If you don't live in the greater New Jersey area you can send a self-addressed stamped envelope to:

UWA Elite

146 Marsh Ave.

Sayreville, NJ 08872

We will do our best to answer all autograph requests.


I am a really big fan of (insert UWA Elite Talent here). Is it possible that I can have their contact (e-mail, phone number, address, etc.)?

UWA Elite does not give out private contact information for it's talent. However most of our talent can be found on Twitter, Facebook, and various other socal media sites. If you would like to send any of our talent any fan mail please do so to

We will forward your e-mail to the addressed star.

I have a question for UWA Elite that is not listed above.

UWA Elite can be found on various social media such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and much more. All of our links to them are located on the left hand side of website. Simply click on the respective social media icon, and you will be directed to us instantly!

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