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#1 - THE BROtein PACK

Achievements: UWA Elite Trios Champions, Tag Team Champions, Iron Man Champion (Mike C-Way), Tag Team Combat Cup Winners, 2016 Tag Team of the Year

No one in the history of UWA Elite has ever held a championship wire-to-wire (from the beginning of a season to the end). Not the 435-day UWA Elite Championship reign of Kyle the Beast, not the 470-day Tag Team title reign of the Rogues - nobody. That is the kind of history the BROtein Pack made in 2016, holding the Trios Championship at every show this year.

The BTP also are the current holders of the Tag Team and Iron Man Championships, and won the largest Tag Team Combat Cup Tournament in history. Many UWA Elite AllStarz had benchmark years in 2016, but DynaMike Davis, TJ Blade and Mike C-Way achieved the once unthinkable. For their unrivaled excellence and dominance, they receive the #1 slot in our 2016 Year-End Power Rankings.


Achievements: UWA Elite Champion, Iron Man Champion, 2016 Crossroads Winner

Archadia will surely be sour about his #2 ranking in this year-end survey, but that's simply the level of excellence to which the current UWA Elite Champion holds himself. It's also the level of respect he demands. From the beginning of 2016, it was clear Archadia was a lone wolf with one goal: reclaiming the UWA Elite Championship. Like him or not, he did everything he promised to do. He won the 2016 Crossroads 

Tournament in the most stacked Final 4 in history (Kyle the Beast, Bowes, Eric Corvis). He reinstated the Iron Man Championship. And he became the first ever active UWA Elite Hall of Famer to hold the UWA Elite Championship. It remains to be seen whether anyone can step up to dethrone him in 2017.


Achievements: UWA Elite Champion, Iron Man Champion, 2016 Brawl For it All Winner

Despite leaving Last Breath 2016 without a championship belt, it was still a career year for the man from Tucson. Hedges became the first UWA Elite competitor in history to win the UWA Elite Championship, iChampionship, Iron Man Championship, Crossroads and Brawl For it All in company history - the most prestigious 5 singles accolades any AllStar can achieve. Hedges' year included feuds with some of the most notable 

mainstays in UWA Elite history, including Archadia, Sean "Damage" McNelis, Nicholas Kaye, Archadia, Magic and Jeremiah. It will certainly be an offseason of questions for him, but no one can question the achievements of Hedges in the 2016 UWA Elite season.


Achievements: UWA Elite Champion, Team Captain, UWA Elite vs. the World Winner

Sean "Damage" McNelis is the only man in history to hold the UWA Elite Championship three times. In a company where only two other men (Archadia, Kyle the Beast) have won the title twice, that's a lofty benchmark. Damage further staked his claim to greatness by claiming victory as Team Captain in the best-of-5 UWA Elite vs. the World (vol. 2) series, steering his team from an 0-2 deficit to claim victory by pinning Matt 

Macintosh in the final contest. SDM's 2016 includes pinfalls over Archadia (in a 30-minute Iron Man match), Hedges, Joey Adams and the aforementioned Macintosh. After the final bell at Last Breath, Damage left his trademark green headband in the center of the ring; is this a sign of things to come, or a sign of the end?


Achievements: UWA Elite iChampion, 2016 Wrestler of the Year

The Leader of the UWA Elite Army delivered his finest season-long performance to date, winning the hearts of the UWA Elite fanbase en route to being named 2016's Wrestler of the Year. The King defeated Joey Adams for the iChampionship at Crossroads in a brutal Chairs Match - the first singles championship of his storied career. Since then, Tek's list of victories include 2 Match of the Year nominees (Matt Vertigo, randon Kirk) and a defining victory over Chris Steeler at 

Tables Match. King Tek's crusade to revitalize the iChampionship included reinstating the "Interactive" component of the title, making the championship truly one of the people and for the people. The King rides high into the 2017 season.


Achievements: UWA Elite Tag Team Champions

The second half of the 2016 season was fraught with turmoil for Jon Rome and Brandon the Bull, but no one can deny the glory they achieved in the former half of the season. The UnstoppaBULLS carried the Tag Team Championships proudly until iWrestle, defeating such challengers as The Rogues, Glitz & Glamour, and even the BROtein Pack in the process. During this time, it's arguable that Rome & Bull were the two most popular AllStarz in UWA Elite. Despite a late-

season back injury to Jon Rome, Brandon the Bull carried the mantle of the team through the last 2 supercards, with impressive performances in the Brawl For it All (3rd place) and the Golden Ticket Ladder Match


Achievements: UWA Elite iChampion, 2016 Golden Ticket Winner

After dropping the iChampionship to Joey Adams, it appeared Drake Chambers had reached a tipping point. Rather than break, Chambers reinvented himself as the Dragonborn and went on an absolute tear. Drake is one of only a handful of UWA Elite AllStarz in history to defeat the monstrous Bowes in back-to-back matches. After a solid showing in Crossroads and a near-miss at the Tag Team titles, Chambers ascended 

to glory by capturing the 2016 Golden Ticket in a brutal ladder match. With the Golden Ticket in tow, Drake Chambers is now guaranteed a shot at the championship of his choosing at any time in the 2017 UWA Elite season. The Dragonborn not only holds the Golden Ticket in his hands, but the future of UWA Elite as well.


Achievements: 2016 Match of the Year Co-Winners

No two competitors in UWA Elite inspire fear and awe like the Wretched Bowes and Kyle the Beast. While neither AllStar held championship gold in 2016, their dominance was at once inspiring and frightening. Bowes spent a majority of his 2016 season in brutal contests with unspeakable results - putting multiple opponents in body bags and placing his former ally Massacre inside a casket. Kyle the Beast went on a reign of terror against some of the biggest names in the business, 

defeating the likes of Matt Tremont and Sozio in 2016. In the end, The Wretched and The Beast came face-to-face at Last Breath 2016, and the collision was so breathtaking that it won Match of the Year honors at the 2016 UWA Elite Awards. While each man may go his own way in 2016, no one can deny the impact each left on the other this year.


Achievements: UWA Elite iChampion

No AllStar had a more tumultuous season than the devious Joey Adams. After dethroning Drake Chambers for the iChampionship at Dangerous Uprisings, Adams turned back several impressive challengers to retain his title. However, a serious hand injury at Crossroads helped cost Adams his title - as well as much of his focus. It took Joey months to recover mentally from that defeat, but he was in his finest form at Last Breath, where he claimed his second victory of the season over visiting indy wrestling

standout Kevin Bennett in a Match of the Year candidate. When he's right, Adams is championship material. Whether or not the enigmatic AllStar can keep his head on straight in 2017 is pivotal to his success.


Achievements: 2016 Ultimate Turmoil Winner

Without winning a championship, Nicholas Kaye impacted the 2016 UWA Elite season nearly as much as anyone else. Kaye became the #1 Contender to the UWA Elite Championship by winning the Ultimate Turmoil gauntlet match (defeating Archadia and Bowes to claim victory). He then engaged in a string of wars with Bowes, culminating in a vile Dog Collar Match. From there, the "Professional Professional Wrestler" claimed victory in a feud with former friend Sozio, then nearly 

claimed Tag Team Championship gold with Drake Chambers. In the end, Kaye's villainous ways re-emerged, as he savagely attacked Chambers following the Golden Ticket Ladder Match. Will this shift in personality elevate Kaye to the top of the mountain in 2017?




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